Marty & Debbi McDermott


Nobody knows Naples like we do!


The Team


Patience pays off.

Just ask Debbi and Marty McDermott of Premier Sotheby's International Realty.

“We had a couple who visited Naples several times over a four-year period,” recalls Marty. “Each time they came to town, Debbi would show the wife around to see what was new on the market. At first, the price point she named was a little under a million, but then it inched up each trip…a million two, a million three.""

“One day I got a phone call from the husband, asking, ‘Where’s the best place to put six million dollars?’ It kind of knocks you off-kilter when something like that happens.”

Off-kilter or not, the McDermotts ended up handling nearly $20 million in transactions in less than a year, as the client, a retired surgeon, bought – and then sold at a handsome profit – a $6 million home in Port Royal and a $1 million property in Park Shore. The spree ended with the good doctor purchasing a residence on a “slightly smaller lot” for the paltry sum of $2.5 million.

That’s the kind of persistence and customer service in which the McDermotts take pride.

“I’d say 95 percent of our clients are referrals,” says Marty. “And we have repeat clients, who’ve bought from us six or seven times in the last thirty years. Even though retail is a people business, too, real estate is different. We both enjoy working in real estate. We get to pick and choose our clients. People end up not just being clients, but good friends; we’ve developed some keen relationships. It’s a big boost to our business, because people pass the word from one to the other.”

According to Marty, experience and knowledge go hand-in-hand in providing excellent customer satisfaction.

“I’m the numbers guy; I’m very market-oriented and people appreciate that I don’t need a computer to tell them what the market is doing at this moment, or at any given moment in time, because of the way I study what the MLS is spitting out. I’ve got market conditions, pricing and inventory on the tip of my tongue. That’s great for the husbands who always want to get the best deal. ”

Debbi provides the ying to his yang, enthusiastically keying in on the emotional aspect of home buying to assist wives looking for a particular lifestyle. “She listens to what they like and want, and cares that they find the best fit,” he explains.