About The Company


“You’ve got to be competitive in today’s market,” Marty stresses, predicting a slow increase in prices. “You have to be competitive in everything – pricing, curb appeal, choosing an agent and picking a company.

“With few exceptions this is almost a ‘normal’ market and the market determines the price. It isn’t like 2005-06; price points have leveled off. Sellers can’t just demand a price and expect to get it like they used to; values are measurable, so we know what properties are actually worth and what our clients should be paying for them.”

That factor, coupled with Premier Sotheby's International Realty ® professionalism and support, is reassuring for clients and real estate salespeople, alike.

“We love our company! We enjoy the backing we get from them,” says Marty. “Real estate changes on a daily basis, so it’s important they’re committed to finding the best search engines and making sure the company always is at the top of the searches.

“Premier is still family-owned; they run a hands-on operation that’s above reproach. Now that we’ve partnered with Premier Sotheby's International Realty ®, we can retain our local flavor, but offer international reach.”